Evernote and Keeping Organised

In my quest to find the best task manager and note taking software to help improve my productivity, I came across the Evernote app in the android marketplace.

Fast forward a few weeks later, Evernote has become one of my indispensable applications and I am beginning to wonder how I ever got things done before it. I decided in the spirit of openness to share the features about Evernote which help cement it as an invaluable tool for me.

Connectivity between Devices

Evernote syncs your text notes, voice notes, text clipping  between your phone, computer and tablet, meaning you always have your latest jottings wherever you are. I tend to think of ideas during my commute to work or sometimes late at night just before I fall asleep with my computer just out of reach. With Evernote, I can easily add the note on my mobile either as a quickly typed out message to myself or as a sleepy voice note which I can try and decipher the next morning.

Everything is searchable… I mean everything.

Whether it is typed out text, an image or your scrawled handwriting, Evernote’s OCR does a good job of deciphering it and finding it amongst the multitude of notes you might have. For instance, I hate carrying around business cards. So instead of lugging around a huge diary with business cards, I just take a picture of the card with my phone, upload it to Evernote and voila business cards whenever I might need them. All I need to do is search for the business name and Evernote finds the image for me in an instant. This does not only work with business cards, but with handwritten notes (depending on your writing), documents, whiteboards and whatever else you can think of. Now if Evernote can either change the business card into a contact or make it possible to select or call the number from the photograph, that would make my day (Hint Hint :) )

Voice Notes

Because sometimes typing is just too much effort.

Web Clips/Bookmarking

I never really got into delicious for some reason, but I have recently found myself using Evernote almost as a bookmarking tool. If I find a site I love, I can save it to Evernote, add tags to the site and most importantly, the text within the web clip becomes searchable in Evernote.

Not interested in the entire site but love a certain section or a certain quote? Well you can only save the quote you want without saving the entire site. Saved a quote and decided you want to read the entire post which contained the quote? Easy, Evernote remembers where each quote came from and you can easily go back to the site where you  originally saved the quote from.

You can also connect Google’s chrome browser to your Evernote account so your Google searches also simultaneously search Evernote as well. Just another additional benefit

Twitter/SMS – For those in the stone ages

If you follow @myEN and they follow you back, you can then DM messages to your Evernote account. Which means if you have a Nokia 3310, you can send an DM SMS to twitter which then gets added to your Evernote account and will be available to you the next time you log into your Evernote account. Not a texting person? Well you can always send an email instead.


Evernote is only as limited as your imagination and the best part is that for most people, the free package is good enough for your daily needs. When it comes to organisation, Evernote has topped all the other task managers I have used even though it is not really built for task managing.  You can also use Evernote for creating checklists, keeping receipts, schedules, recipes, lecture notes and much more.

I have only scratched the surface on the many ways in which you can use Evernote, for more tips, check out Evernote’s blog at http://evernote.tumblr.com/


  1. Taher says:

    You can add me to the same boat; I have over 10,000 notes in YoJimbo, and the majority are taeggd. I sent the BareBones folks an email when I started using YoJimbo shortly after it came out, basically describing the functionality I really wanted, which turns out to be what Evernote is!I am using both now. I tried to explain to BareBones that I needed to view my notes from a phone, or even a PC running windows sometimes. Evernote gives me that ability, plus more. I really hope BareBones is listening now. It seemed like they thought I was crazy for wanting a web based front end to YoJimbo, but I think everyone can clearly see why it is such a useful feature.Great articles, and I am glad I stumbled upon your site!Best regards,Bruce

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