Social Media

Social MediaThe internet has made worldwide conversations instantaneous; customers now discuss brands, products and services with friends on a global scale. Social media tools like twitter and Facebook have made word of mouth recommendations & detractions effortless. Social media can be considered as word of mouth on steroids and this has caused social media marketing shift from a nice to have add on service to a must have service in its own right.

At Kenshomedia, we utilise social media to provide businesses with an opportunity to understand & communicate with their customers while shaping their online brand perception. Using social platforms like blogs, Facebook, twitter, pinterest and more, we can create a social platform where you can connect with your customers, increase brand awareness, build loyalty, increase traffic to your website and support your search engine optimisation campaigns.

Social media is an opportunity to enhance your online reputation as well as using customer feedback to tailor your products and services. Social media done effectively will have your customers marketing your products for you on a global scale.

Kenshomedia’s social media services include:

  • Online reputation management
  • Social community management
  • Social CRM
  • Monitoring, analytics and measurement

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